This here’s a paperback anthology of the first four issues of the zine I’ve been editing, but I guess it was less “editing” than it was “picking very cool pieces of literature and arranging in them in a way that would flow like a kick-ass double-album, like ‘London Calling’ or ‘The White Album.'”


There’s something in here for everyone– horror, humor, romance, sci-fi, western, crime, fairy tale, fantasy, memoir, poetry. But by “something for everyone” I don’t mean middle-of-the-road; most of these pieces are very much to the side of the road, and some are even off the road entirely, having skidded through a ditch and crashed into a tree at the edge of a dark forest. (I mean that in the best possible way.) And it’s now on sale for $18 US.

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Haven’t been posting here much lately because I’ve been busy editing the 1st issue of FLAPPERHOUSE, which is finally ready for public consumption. If you like what goes on here at Popular Fiction, there’s a good chance you’ll dig the surreal, shadowy, sensual, and satirical lit in FLAPPERHOUSE #1. You can sample some excerpts for free at flapperhouse.com, and buy the entire issue as a PDF for just $3 US.FLAPPERHOUSEwhitecover

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Haven’t been around here much lately since I’ve been reading submissions for FLAPPERHOUSE and more submissions for Gigantic SequinsAnd when I haven’t been reading I’ve been spending too much time on MashupDJ.com. I’ve basically got an EP already. I call it Heaven Can’t Be Wrong. If I’m being completely honest I think it’s better than Girl Talk but not nearly as good as The Avalanches.

“20th Century Flava In Ya Ear, Boy” – Craig Mack Versus T. Rex (1:29)

“Don’t Freak The Reaper” – Chic Versus Blue Oyster Cult (0:50)

“Can’t Take My Pets Off Of You” – The Supremes & The Temptations Versus Porno For Pyros (1:10)

“Right Place Be Sedated” – The Ramones Versus Dr. John (0:47)

“Heaven Can’t Be Wrong” – Aceyalone & Rjd2 Versus The Spin Doctors (1:26)

“Let My Love Walk” – Pete Townshend Versus Pantera (1:08)

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As we’ve mentioned beforeFLAPPERHOUSE is intensely devoted to promoting the fading pastime of bathroom reading. And today we’re proud to present our first advertisement for this campaign, featuring our lovely spokesmodel, Alibi Jones.AlibiREADPoster

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Please pardon the brief commercial interruption, but Now through December 3rd if you donate at least $1 to FLAPPERHOUSE you shall receive a digital copy of the premiere issue in Spring 2014!

Here at FLAPPERHOUSE, we understand that the global economy is perched precariously on the brink of catastrophe, and as a result, most publications can’t afford to pay their writers anymore. But that doesn’t mean we want to settle for being one of those publications.

So for as long as there’s such a thing as money, we’d like to obtain some of that money from generous, beautiful people like you. We will then distribute said money among our talented writers and editors, not only to reward them for their hard work, but also to ensure that we’re able to publish our brand of wry, sexy, twisted, mischievous, poignant, brain-squishing literature for years to come.


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Check it out, FLAPPERHOUSE was interviewed by a real-live Interviewer!

Interviewer: FLAPPERHOUSE has described itself as “Dragging the future back through the past, like a rotting donkey on a grand piano.”

FLAPPERHOUSE: Chien! Andalusia! We are un!

Interviewer: Precisely. And by “the past,” more specifically you mean circa the 1920′s?

FLAPPERHOUSE: Yes and no. Mostly yes. We do think the future should have much more futurism. But with much less fascism. We’d also like to see more surrealism, expressionism, dadaism, psychological horror, and, of course, modernism.

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Future submission guidelines for FLAPPERHOUSE:


SunHeadWrestlerFLAPPERHOUSE does not want unsolicited submissions right now. We are, however, still currently open to pre-elicited transmissions.

We’ll probably change our mind someday. After all, as the brilliant M. Wolfram Powell famously said: To change one’s mind is to embark upon a journey into what must be; never to change one’s mind is to fly upon the back of a cranky pterodactyl.

When we want unsolicited submissions we’ll want stories that are relatively short, ideal for subway & bathroom reading. We’re primarily interested in the genres of Psycho-Mythology, Biographical Mystery, Historical Rebus, Quantum Leap Fan Fiction*, Dystopian Southern Gothic Young Adult, Erotic Political Satire, and Culinary Espionage.

* Remember, FLAPPERHOUSE will be published once per Earth season, so avoid making any Quantum Leap Fan Fiction too “current-eventy.”

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