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Check it out, FLAPPERHOUSE was interviewed by a real-live Interviewer!

Interviewer: FLAPPERHOUSE has described itself as “Dragging the future back through the past, like a rotting donkey on a grand piano.”

FLAPPERHOUSE: Chien! Andalusia! We are un!

Interviewer: Precisely. And by “the past,” more specifically you mean circa the 1920′s?

FLAPPERHOUSE: Yes and no. Mostly yes. We do think the future should have much more futurism. But with much less fascism. We’d also like to see more surrealism, expressionism, dadaism, psychological horror, and, of course, modernism.

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Some years ago, in the deepest, darkest hours of the night, I was lurking around 4chan’s /x/ trying to give myself the creeps when I stumbled upon a draft of a story called “Sick, or The Algorithm.” As soon as I finished reading it, I knew I had to find out what twisted mind had spawned this devious little tale, and I’d have to read everything else they had ever written or would ever write.

Since then, I’ve read over a dozen more great stories by Cameron “Josef K” Suey, although “Sick, or The Algorithm” remains one of my favorites– by Cameron, or any author, really. Now there’s a short film adaptation directed by Tom Festo, and it’s just as disturbing as I hoped it would be. Be warned: it’s not for the squeamish. And of course, if you enjoy things that are “not for the squeamish,” you should totally watch this.

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