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When the OWN Network aired Boys Don’t Cry last week, they blurred Brandon Teena’s fake penis.

This is odd for several reasons.  For one, it’s an artificial penis, not a real one.  For another, OWN was airing this after 2:30 AM.  For a third, the dildo is nowhere near any orifices; as you can clearly see, it’s just lying on a towel.

But oddest of all is this: I thought one of the main points of Boys Don’t Cry was to help normalize transsexuals, and I figured a network airing this movie would be sensitive to that.  So wouldn’t the censorship of Brandon’s fake penis make his behavior seem more taboo and “other”?

OK, fine, I get it.  This is Oprah’s network.  She’s gotta keep it relatively clean, and that means no visible dildos.  I’ll let it slide.

And yet 10 seconds later, after a couple shots of Brandon taping down his breasts and stepping into his underpants, they cut back to the dildo and:


Editorial oversight, or wry commentary on America’s conflicted attitudes toward sexuality?  You decide…

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