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Jeff Laughlin was beardless when he sang in his band’s farewell show.  For most folk singers, such a thing wouldn’t be all that noteworthy, but in this case it is.  It’s not just that Jeff’s beard has long been a hallmark of his face, a face that beams with the boyish dude’s-dude charm of a young Jason Lee, yet maintains the humble gravitas of an older Krist Novoselic.  And it’s not just that Jeff’s folk quintet is actually named “Beards,” and when Jeff is beardless, that means the beardless members of Beards outnumber the bearded members 3 to 2.  The big deal has more to do with the unfortunate events which led to Jeff’s beardlessness, which compounded the even worse thing that happened afterward, which then led to what might be the most beautiful musical moment I’ve ever experienced.


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