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At first, it was brilliant: Toward the end of its 5th season premiere, Archer reboots, as its now-unemployed spies decide to work together trafficking literally, not figuratively a ton of cocaine. And for much of the episode’s third act, we see what appears to be Archer’s fantasy of what kind of wild adventures would ensue from said cocaine trafficking, in the form of a kick-ass trailer.

But it turns out, if the last paragraph of this AV Club interview with Adam Reed is true and not just a prankish misdirection, that this trailer is an actual trailer of the kind of wild adventures that will ensue from said said cocaine trafficking in season 5. Which disappoints me at least a little. Spoilers, for one. And oh, how I would’ve loved for one of the coolest seasons in TV history to have been merely a three-minute montage. And also, I feel slightly cheated, because the camera totally zooms into Archer’s eye right before the trailer, and we all know you should only zoom into a character’s eye if you’re gonna show one of that character’s memories or fantasies. If they zoom into Archer’s eye and show flashforwards, he either has to be in some kind of LOST-like purgatory (which would be lame, even though it was cool on LOST), or he has to be psychic (which would be lamer), or it would have to be revealed at the end of this season that this all was in fact Archer’s dream, and the next season will go back to how things were at the end of the fourth season, just like they did for season 9 of Dallas (which would be Family Guy levels of lame).

Ultimately though, the biggest disappointment here is that Archer did something extremely unexpected, and then did something even more unexpected on top of that, but apparently the second unexpected thing was, in truth, simply telling us what to expect.

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Lately a lot of people have been saying “rape jokes are never funny,” and since that’s an awfully broad statement, I wonder how exactly those people define “rape jokes.”

If they mean, “Jokes which exist primarily to trivialize the gravity of rape, and/or to ridicule victims of rape, are never funny,” then OK.  That’s a perfectly reasonable thing to say.

Or if they mean “Daniel Tosh’s rape jokes are never funny,” that’s also OK, because it’s true that Daniel Tosh is never funny.

But if any of those people mean to say that “Any joke which involves rape as a subject is never funny,” then something’s wrong.  There are so many hilarious jokes which involve rape.

Jokes which ridicule rapists- again, without trivializing rape or also ridiculing the victim- can be very funny.  They’re also necessary.  Rapists need to be ridiculed, at least until they’ve finished serving an appropriate prison sentence.  This sketch from Mr. Show shall elaborate:

Of course, rape is a powerful subject, so there’s a lot of humor we can milk from the different ways people use, discuss, or react to the topic.  The Daily Show found a lot of great “rape jokes” during that Duke Lacrosse scandal.  Arrested Development made some funny “rape jokes” while poking fun at Lucille Bluth’s manipulative narcissism and Buster’s childish ignorance.

On the UK version of The Office, Ricky Gervais delivers one of his best-ever line readings with a “rape joke”:

Louis CK has a few great “rape jokes” in his routine about a woman who makes some peculiar assumptions:

I often wonder if the kind of people who say things like “rape jokes are never funny” and mean exactly that, with no room for nuance or further elaboration, have ever laughed at, say, a “death joke,” or a “violence joke,” or a “disease joke.”  If they have, then they’re being awfully hypocritical.  And if they haven’t laughed at any jokes about any sort of horrible topic whatsoever, then they have no sense of humor anyway, and must be far more miserable than most of us, and thus we should make numerous jokes at their expense.

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