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Who needs yet another “Best Of” list or “Year In Review” when we have this scene from Breaking Bad to sum up everything we need to know about 2011?  (Spoiler warning: this is the final scene of season 4, episode 11.)

There we are, squirming through the cobwebs in the crawl space under the house.  Clawing through vacuum-seal storage bags for half a million dollars we could’ve sworn was supposed to be here.  Yelling at Skyler, WHERE IS THE MONEY? and she says she gave it to that oily skidmark she had an affair with a short while back.  Then it hits us: karma’s a harsh mistress, and the gods are motherless punks with merciless senses of humor.  So we scream, but then we laugh like lunatics, because what else could we possibly do?  Then, for a minute, we go very quiet.  Time to figure a way out of this mess…

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