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Usually when they say someone “wants to have it both ways,” they say it like it’s a bad thing.  You want it both ways, they usually say, but you can’t have it both ways!  Like you could say that about this clip here This clip wants to be a savage spoof of sexed-up Christmas songs and yet it shamelessly sexualizes Alison Brie!  You could say that…but have you ever considered that perhaps we sexualize Alison Brie slightly less than we could?  She is a gorgeous and hilarious woman.  We should sexualize her, and we do, but only to a modest degree, which is good.  I’m pretty sure there are zero humans out there who are sick to death of seeing Alison Brie’s sex appeal, and we should strive to keep it that way.  If we make just one human being sick to death of something as wonderful as Alison Brie’s sex appeal, we’ve done something terribly wrong.

Fortunately, this video does not push Alison Brie past what Jeff Winger calls “the point of diminishing returns on the sexiness.”  (Ultimately, the man himself couldn’t resist her song.)  So if Community wants to “have it both ways” by savagely spoofing sexy Christmas songs while at the same time shamelessly sexualizing Alison Brie, but in a tasteful way, like you could probably watch it with your grandma and not feel mortified, then Merry Goddamn Christmas, Community- have it both ways! You’ve been awful good this year.

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